A Whimsy Life

Out and about this week I saw something that made me laugh with delight and I could not stop smiling. I saw a Street Library!

Street Libraries are a beautiful home for books, planted in your front yard. They are accessible from the street, and are an invitation to share the joys of reading with your neighbours.


Street Libraries are a window into the mind of a community; books come and go; no-one needs to check them in or out. People can simply reach in and take what interests them; when they are done, they can return them to the Street Library network, or pass them on to friends.


If anyone has a book or two that they think others would enjoy, they can just pop it into any Street Library they happen to be walking past.


They are a symbol of trust and hope – a tiny vestibule of literary happiness.

As mentioned in my previous post… I love books. They bring me a lot of joy. And I love libraries.

Seeing a Street Library made me think of the community spirit involved, the generosity of people, the willingness to share something you enjoy and the trust and respect of people.

For more information about Street Library including setting up your own Street Library head to