A Whimsy Life

I love libraries. I will even make a trip to the local library when I’m on holidays just to see what it’s like.

Libraries allow you to explore worlds and lives that are beyond your imagination or maybe they are part of your imagination. They give you access to information, technology and a safe place to be.

With the advance of technology you don’t just borrow books from the library. You can borrow audiobooks, ebooks and check out magazines online! Some even provide access to online courses.

For example my local library offers:

Borrow Box – home to the greatest Australian and international authors of the world’s best eBooks and eAudiobooks.

RBdigitial Magazines – the world’s largest newsstand offering both new and backlist titles of digital magazines.

Mango languages – a free language learning resource. It offers access to 60 foreign language courses and 17 English courses. Lessons combine real life situations and audio from native speakers.

I think libraries serve an important function in the community – other than the fact that they have public toilets. So visit your local library and see what it has to offer you!

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