A Whimsy Life

On our way back to Sydney we stopped of in Albury for a bite to eat. It was unbearably hot and all we wanted to do was find a place with air-conditioning.

The main street in Albury has shops lining the streets on either side. There are retail shops as well as eateries such as fast food outlets, pubs, cafes and restaurants.

We found Downtown Pizzeria which had both outdoor and indoor seating.

While we saw a family sitting outside we found a table inside. There were a few family groups enjoying a meal so we figured it was a family friendly place. This can be important when you want to enjoy a meal but realise that you need others to be understanding that sometimes kids will be kids.

We ordered the margherita pizza and the garlic sage butter gnocchi.

The service was a bit slow (we had no cutlery on our table and it took a while to get water) but it was very friendly.

The food was good. Simple but tasty. The portion size was a little small for us but it was probably too hot too eat much more so it suited us on this occasion. We would like to try more from their menu next time we are around. We ended up finding an ice creamery around the corner which was great. Monumental Ice Creamery satisfied our need to cool down. There aren’t too many seats inside and everyone had the idea to get an ice cream that day so it was a bit crowded but we definitely enjoyed our treat.

For more information about our lunch check out the Downtown Pizzeria website.

472 Dean Street, Albury NSW 2640


12:00–3:00 (LUNCH)

5:00–10:00 (DINNER)


11:00–3:00 (LUNCH)

5:00–10:00 (DINNER)

11:00–9:00 (LUNCH/DINNER)