A Whimsy Life

Playdoh – Thermomix

The thing with kids is that they’ll put anything in their mouth… and it’s what kids do so it’s hard to watch them all the time.

So it’s great when you can make things like play doh so you know what’s in them and therefore aren’t too worried when they end up with some play doh in their mouth.

I used a recipe from Bake Play Smile using the Thermomix.

The dough is easy to make because of the Thermomix’s kneading function. It pretty much makes itself.

I do the colouring part in zip lock bags to reduce the amount of washing I need to do and to prevent hands from getting too messy with the food dye. You could mix the colouring in the Thermomix but I think it would need too much washing the bowls in between changing colours.


Little Whimsy loves to play with our home made play doh.