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While miscarriages happen in private, the discussion about how to cope with miscarriages is also often left in the dark. This can leave women feeling alone and those around them feeling helpless.

Not every woman who suffers a miscarriage may want to talk about it. However, for those that need support and help to grieve and to heal, many don’t know where to go.

While it is true that these days more people are willing to discuss the issues associate with miscarriages, there isn’t a lot of information.There is a secrecy behind miscarriages that makes it difficult for people to seek information and resources.

Pink Elephants Support Network

The Pink Elephants Support Network’s aim is to support, nurture and empower women who experience miscarriage and infertility.

They are a not for profit charity and provide resources on their website to help women and the people around them to cope.

After suffering my own miscarriage I know how difficult it can be to ask for help, to accept help and to deal with all the emotions that can come with a miscarriage.


Examples of the resources available include:

In addition there is information for those that have suffered a miscarriage

While it’s not a comprehensive toolkit and it doesn’t replace seeking medical attention when needed, it’s a step in the right direction.

More information

Check out their website and spread the word.