A Whimsy Life

Thermomat and dough

I took advantage of the 12 days of Christmas Thermomix sale and bought myself a Thermomat for half price.

I’ve been using it to roll out pizza dough and it’s a lot easier to use than having to clean the bench top! The only issue I have is that you can’t cut on it so it can be annoying having to transfer dough to a different area to chop.

Savoury scrolls

I made a variety of scrolls – tomato and cheese, pesto and cheese and cheese and bacon.


Vegetable soup

I also made vegetable soup for Mr Whimsy. This time I used up our stock of frozen vegetables which was great. Rather than throw out vegetables I haven’t been able to use up I make sure to freeze the vegetables earlier (cut up in to pieces) so that I can always make vegetable stock concentrate or soup. While they may take up space in the freezer, it does save us from throwing out vegetables.


Brown rice salad

A new dish for us was the brown rice salad. I wasn’t thinking and cut up the carrots, capsicum and zucchini by hand but I probably could have cut up the vegetables in the Thermomix. I’m not great at working out the right setting yet so it was probably a good thing otherwise the vegetables might have ended up getting chopped too much!

Mr Whimsy is a fan of this salad. It is filling and healthy plus the chickpeas add a bit of texture.