A Whimsy Life

I tend to like hot breakfasts (eggs, bacon… the works) but we are trying to get Little Whimsy to eat different things for breakfast and this morning we tried making porridge in the Thermomix. I have to admit I’m not a fan of porridge so it was interesting to see how quick and easy it is to make in the Thermomix.

Unfortunately, after making the porridge Little Whimsy was not a fan she barely wanted to look at the dish… so Mr Whimsy ended up enjoying the lot!

To celebrate Australia Day I made ANZAC biscuits and they were surprisingly easy to make as there weren’t too many ingredients to deal with.

The recommended refrigeration time prior to baking is 2 hours so we all had a wait for a bit before we got to taste the biscuits.


Mr Whimsy said the biscuits were better than the store bought ones so I guess we’ll be making them again soon.

For the week’s meal I made vegetable pasta which is on high rotation in our household. It’s filling enough as a main meal but it also helps with the daily vegetable intake without having to cook a separate meal of vegetables. I do find that the pasta can get smashed a bit in the Thermomix but it all goes down a treat.

And I made ricotta gnocchi which I pan fried after cooking. Now I know that gnocchi is usually made with potatoes but these ones are so quick to make with ricotta and taste yummy. We ended up splitting the ricotta gnocchi into two batches – eating the ricotta gnocchi just with butter and mixing the ricotta gnocchi with the vegetable pasta so we didn’t have to make a second sauce to go with it. Both options were good.