A Whimsy Life

During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone found different ways to cope.

A common way to deal with feelings of loss of control, isolation and hopelessness has been to spend some time in the garden.

How it starts with growing succulents

One thing that I’ve started to grow is succulents. The dream is to have a collection of small succulents to display in the house. Some additional greenery. Something easy to maintain.

Now nearly everyone will tell you how easy it is to grow succulents. Set and forget. Just water occasionally and repot if required… it seems that this rule applies to everyone but me.

I’ve managed to kill a few succulents so far… over watering, under watering, too much sun. It’s been really hard to keep them alive!

Needing to be resuscitated

One of the uplifting things about gardening is the community and social spirit that it inspires. Since I’ve started growing succulents I’ve found it a topic to discuss amongst friends that have green thumbs. I’ve started to notice gardens more on our walks and been able to admire the work that others have put into their gardens. I’ve also enjoyed the generosity of people sharing their cuttings.

I’ve even found community groups that share succulents, plants and herbs online!

I’m not going to give up on growing these succulents… although the death toll is growing!