A Whimsy Life

I decided it was time to dust off the knitting needles. For me knitting can be therapeutic (as long as I don’t lose count or lose a stitch midway) and I love the thought of making something.

I learned to knit through books as a child and then in primary school I remember we had a short period where we had lessons but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t any more advanced than the basics. For this reason I only ever learnt to knit things like a scarf or squares to make blankets.

It wasn’t until I was an adult that I picked up knitting again. Through knowing people that could knit and the wonders of the internet I learnt how to knit beanies (not using circular needles – I still haven’t worked that one out).

While I was on maternity leave I headed to the knitting group at the local library and they were great at helping me read the pattern (it was a jumper for Little Whimsy) but with a newborn it was hard to find time to knit more than a few lines here and there and by the time I finished knitting the different parts of the jumper it was too small for Little Whimsy! It’s still an unfinished project.

I haven’t knitted anything since and when I got the knitting needles out I found all these unfinished pieces of knitting. I can’t even tell you what I was knitting! I’ve unravelled the wool and will be starting from scratch… maybe with a beanie or maybe something else…