A Whimsy Life

One of my brothers last year used a random date generator to pick a day for the siblings to hang out. It’s not a very well known ‘day’ in the list of days celebrated and it’s not internationally recognised.

In some parts of the United States of America it is celebrated on 10 April as Siblings Day honoring the relationships of siblings.

We pick a location for lunch and it’s dedicated time for us. As adults we don’t always take care to check in with our relationships with our siblings. We are often too busy with children, parents, partners and friends so it’s nice for us to take the opportunity to check in with each other.

This year’s location was Soul Burger.

Soul Burger is Australia’s first gourmet plant-based burger joint. Our vision is to launch a blitzkrieg on big agriculture and spark a shift in Aussie Food Culture towards plant-based foods.

This was my first time at Soul Burger although I am aware of the increase in ‘plant based’ burger joints like Lord of the Fries etc.

We ordered a variety of burgers (mint falafel, american bad ass, southern fried chicken and battered fish) and chips (green fries and soul b fries).

The burgers are filling (they are a decent size but also pricey ranging from $10 to $17 with no chips or drinks). The chips come in two sizes although the soul b fries come in one size.

We used the Soul Burger app to order and pay while in store to get points and on signing up we had a $10 gift card which we could redeem so that was great value.

We were pretty full from our meal and it was another successful Siblings Day. Maybe you and your siblings should take the time to have your own Siblings Day.