A Whimsy Life

While at the Castle Hill Home Hub to pick up a few things we stopped off for a drink and a snack – scones.

Mr Whimsy has a fondness for scones so we always try to find the best scones around.

Cafe Relish has seating inside the cafe and also in the aisle of the shopping area so there are plenty of seats around.

A bonus is that it’s near the children’s play area so you could enjoy something while the kids played.

The scones were a decent size and hot. They were pretty tasty! They had a generous serve of cream but probably not enough jam. Mr Whimsy is keen for another helping next time we’re in the vicinity.

The menu looked good and I would probably opt for something else if I was to eat here again.

Level 1, South Building

16-18 Victoria Avenue, Castle Hill 2154
(Cnr Showground Road and Victoria Avenue)