A Whimsy Life

Little Whimsy is learning about a lot of things these days. She’s like a sponge absorbing all the things around her. One of the things that they are concentrating on with her at childcare is colour recognition. Not only what each colour is but how to match different objects with the same colour.

One way we have been helping Little Whimsy with colours is by using colour cards. You can buy colour cards at the shops but why not make your own?

Are they hard to make? Are they expensive to make? We went with the easiest and cheapest option.

We went to Bunnings and picked up a bunch of paint colour cards. The great thing with the paint colour cards is that they have such a great variety of colours and sizes. The best thing about it is that they are free!

You can then use them for matching colour games, writing the names of colours for word recognition as well as just having them around to help familiarise your child with the colours.