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Who isn’t doing online shopping these days?

One of the most annoying things about online shopping is the delivery aspect. If you aren’t home or are unable to answer the door you end up having to go to the post office to collect your package, wait for them to come around again or if you are really lucky they might leave it at your front door.

Now if you live in an apartment building this gets even trickier. They may leave it in the mailroom, in the foyer or just outside the gate.

I’m not sure how many packages get stolen but I’m guessing there are a few.

If you are an Amazon shopper – check out the Amazon Hub Locker option when making your purchase.

You will be notified when your package has arrived at the locker. You need to scan the barcode sent or input the code and a door will magically pop open with your package inside.

Now you only have 3 days to pick up from the locker or Amazon will return the item and get you a refund but you can get anyone to pick up the package for you as long as they have your barcode. The lockers are usually located in easy to access locations such as a shopping centre.

Amazon locker